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Donate your Corneas

Donate Your Corneas - Ours is a sight saving mission. We work every day to insure that sufficient corneal tissue is available to meet the needs in the local area for patients needing transplants. There is, unfortunately, never enough tissue for the local need. Since Memphis is a magnet for patients needing surgery from all over the region, we have a waiting list of individuals hoping for sight saving surgery.

Make the decision to donate. It is a thoughtful process which necessarily requires you to contemplate the unthinkable; your own passing. Prior consideration, even years in advance, can ease your passing on your grieving family and make the decision easier for them. Mid South Eye Bank is always respectful of a familyís wishes in the donation process and, should you decide not to donate for whatever reason, we will respect your decision. If you decide to donate, you can improve the quality of life for two individuals who need vision restoring surgery.

Discuss donation with your family. The discussion with your family is always a difficult one, like wills and life insurance. No one wants to contemplate the end of life but by doing so you can relieve your family of difficult decision-making in the most difficult of circumstances and put some of the decisions on automatic.

Sign your Driverís License. Your driverís license has a place on the reverse to declare your intentions to become a donor. When you renew your license, you should take the opportunity to do the right thing.

Visit the Tennessee on line donor registry: