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Mid South Eye Bank supports the efforts of credible medical research into diseases of the eye and related structures. We provide whole globe eyes, poles, and other tissue to researchers and ophthalmic physicians who wish to carry out medical investigation into these structures. With sufficient “lead time,” we can usually honor requests for special tissue. We only ask that the researcher provide us with a summary of the proposed research and any special requirements for the tissue. Inasmuch as we do not charge for this tissue as a general rule, we ask that any special handling or other labor intensive procedures be carried out by the researcher or his staff.

If tissue from Mid South Eye Bank is used in the conduct of research, we also request that the eye bank be credited with contributing to the research.

We know that a donor of transplant tissue can help two people to regain their vision, but the donation of research tissue might prove beneficial to countless thousands through the eradication of eye diseases.